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Sony mobile managed the scheme Blue Note

As I already informed you last week, Sony mobile unveiled three new schemes of Sony XPERIA cellphones and even though they are quite similar to each other we are going to show all of them one by one on our web FIRMWAREMOBILE.com.
Today we will take a look at Blue Note, in which blue color dominates really markedly. It is very well-done scheme… There was spared no blue color at all and I am personally glad that you can find it also as a background in the setting menu. It is not that the classic white design would be bad but when the scheme is painted in blue color then it should not be missing. Software keys are very simple and will not make their way in the world but on the other hand they won´t offend nobody. The side panel in application list is excellently legible and, what´s more, the combination of dark blue and white looks great. In closing there are indicators left, those for WiFi and Bluetooth won´t make their way in the world but those in volume setting look very well. In my point of view the scheme Blue Note gives a very comprehensive impression and although it is decidedly not aimed at Google Play it may find its fans also here. Of course, the scheme is available free of charge and you can download it in Business Play. How do you like the scheme?


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