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Mode Ultra Stamina will strongly prolong battery life in phones Sony XPERIA

Stamina mode is not any new development in Sony XPERIA phones, producer uses it for quite a long time (approximately two years). In chosen this year's phones only, you can find a new item in Power Managment, which is called Ultra Stamina. As you can expect, this mode offers even better skills in saving battery life, but at the same time it will turn off most of your functions and only the basic ones will remain.
That is also one of the main differences in comparison with classic mode Stamina, which will limit your data, but generally you can still use most of the functions of your phone and i tis only up on you, how to continue using it. Mode Ultra Stamina makes it other way. It will turn off practically everything and it well leave you just a couple of basic functions like calling, sending messages, camera, calendar, alarm clock or FM radio. If you would want to use other function, you have to turn off and turn on your phone, there is no other way to turn off Ultra Stamina mode. On the other side, power consumption in this mode is really very low and as soon as I will have a little time, I will try how long can the phone stay on. Personally, I believe it can make ten days without any problems and more likely I count with higher number. Do you have any experiences with this mode? You can discuss this topic on our forum. For now it is placed only in several chosen phones, but with arrival of official Android 5.0 Lollipop it might widen further. For example model XPERIA Z1 Compact would surely deserve it.


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