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Theme Tropical is ideal for winter months

It got quite cold in last couple of days and winter will be probably quite noticeable this year. How to get warmer least expensively in all circumstances? You could get some help with Tropical theme, which is available for Sony XPERIA phones. But there is one question remaining, how much would it reallly warm you to look at a picture of tropical island for 50 crowns… Some elements are well-done in my view.
Personally, I very much like the implementation of the menu and also setting choice, but on the other side, the desktop background and the lock screen could be worked-out better. I am also not very pleased with implementation of software buttons and if I consider that it is a payed theme, I rather not recommend to purchase it. I think in Google play you can download a lot more higher quality themes for free. Not even the fact, that winter came, and you can have a picture of tropical island on your desktop background, will not change anything in my point of view. How do you personally like Tropical theme? You can download it here.


https://lh4.ggpht.com/Lto7ymOpoYtqtKn_pgD82X1--2wxZ5K4G0anuQUX1qIa8xT3c7OGNDSaWdXbAXRUlIs=h310XPERIA™ Tropical - screenshot thumbnail


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