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A year 2015 began and we can expect a new portfolio of company Sony Mobile

A year 2015 began and we can expect a new portfolio of company Sony Mobile. We will begin in few days on a trade show of CES in Las Vegas, where our favourite producer should present first increments for this year. Personally, I expect mainly a new tablet at this moment and also a successor of model Sony XPERIA Z Ultra would please me. Also an introduction of model XPERIA E4 is anxiously expected…
I must confess that I am not completely sure what exactly should our favourite producer focus on this year. Last year's portfolio was full of high quality phones and also the support of the producer is on a high level, yet it still was not enough. Personally, I woulld welcome a new design, it does not necessarily have to be applied in all models, but the change is advisable. I would also appreciate a return of music phones, one model specialized on music would be enough. The same applies for a photo market, it should not be a big problem to place Cybershot on the market. Last wish? The successor of model Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play. But first of all is important to focus every single model so that it is strictly determined for which customers it fights. Individual devices  should not compete between each other and personally I would be glad if the producer would not make any experiments with CPU's Mediatek. I can imagine that for example ten phones and two tablets could cover needs of customers for whole year 2015. But as we know, it is not enough to produce a quality phone, it is necessary to sell it. Here I can see a big gap.It is necessary to prepare press conferences very carefully. It is also necessary to make a huge event of introducing new phones and also to highlight positive attributes in comparison with competition. There are lot of tasks, but company Sony Mobile has enough capacity to finally get off the ground. Maybe the support of our project Firmwaremobile.com, which is daily visited by over ten thousand people, would also move ahead. I tis not an enormous number, but we will do everything possible to make our share higher.

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